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We proudly present Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General of World Wind Energy Association, WWEA, as a keynote and main moderator at #Winterwind2021!

Wind Power Around the World

Latest trends in global wind power deployment will be presented, based on statistics published recently by WWEA. In the year 2020, the world set a new record in new wind power installations, adding 93 gigawatts of new wind turbines within the year 2020. Some countries set new installation records, including China, the USA and Russia, while most European markets saw only modest growth. The strong growth comes as a surprise to some observers as many countries reported delays over the past year due to disrupted international supply chains and lack of labour availability. Developments will be analysed and current trends will be outlined.

Stefan Gsänger has managed WWEA…

…since its foundation in 2001. Under his direction, WWEA has become the voice of the wind sector worldwide, with members in more than 100 countries. WWEA attained Special Consultative Status at the UN.

Stefan Gsänger holds various other positions, including co chair of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform as well as member of the managing committee of the REN Alliance and of the REN21 steering committee. He chairs the IRENA Coalition for Action Community Energy Group, and is adviser to governments and international organisations.

Mr Gsänger has supervised and co-chaired 19 World Wind Energy Conferences, and has been an invited speaker at conferences in 40 countries. He has published numerous articles and studies and is editor of various publications including the WWEA policy paper series.

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