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Svensk Vindkraft

Vi brinner för vindkraften och den innovation och utveckling som vindkraften bidrar med. Vi tillvaratar vindkraftsägarnas behov och samlade kompetens för en effektivare utveckling av vindkraften i Sverige.

GigaWatt Sponsors


Phazebreak Coatings has made its name in renewables by encouraging the wind energy sector to reframe the conversation from “ice removal” to “ice prevention.” With its patented icephobic coating, NEINICE, Phazebreak has revolutionized how owners and operators respond to the environmental challenges that threaten their turbines (and their bottom line). Phazebreak’s cost-effective, safe, and modular installation...

MegaWatt Sponsors

Kjeller Vindteknikk

Kjeller Vindteknikk is one of the leading consultancies within meteorological wind and ice modelling in the Nordics. We provide services such as wind measurements, energy yield assessments, icing loss estimations, post production reviews and icing forecasting for all stages of wind farm development. Kjeller has carried out icing loss assessments for over 150 wind farms, been...


As part of the Weidmüller Group, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH is a powerful partner for wind turbine manufacturers and operators. Since 2004, the Dresden-based company has been using its core competence in the field of multi-dimensional natural oscillation measurement on fiberglass and carbon components. This long-standing know-how is used worldwide in 30 countries for condition monitoring...

wpd windmanager

As one of the leading companies in the commercial and technical operation of wind farms and solar projects, wpd windmanager manages a total capacity of over 6,000 MW worldwide and currently employs over 500 people. With its offices in Oulu and Piteå, wpd windmanager possesses many years of experience in the Scandinavian market and handles wind farms with a...

KiloWatt Sponsors

Nordex Group

The development, manufacture, project management and servicing of wind turbines in the onshore segment has been the core competence and passion of the Nordex Group and its more than 9,000 employees worldwide for more than 35 years. As one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, the Nordex Group offers high-yield, cost-efficient wind turbines that enable...


As a pioneer of wind energy technology and a partner of the energy transition, ENERCON specialises in the turbine and technology development, production, sales and servicing of onshore wind energy converters. Pursuing its mission of ‘Energy for the world’, ENERCON has driven sustainable energy generation from onshore wind since 1984. Thanks to its innovative wind energy converter technology, high quality standards...

Skellefteå Kraft AB

Skellefteå Kraft is a leading operator of wind power in cold climate. We do Technical and Commercial Management, Power Trading, Service and Maintenance in partnerships. We currently own 124 WTGs along with Hydropower, Grids, District Heating and CHP, and more. Sustainability is important for us.



Wölfel Wind Systems is focused on Structural Health Monitoring of the complete wind turbine. We deliver reliable data analysis (Structural Intelligence) for lifetime assessments, increase of energy yield as well as ice and damage detection for rotor blades. Additionally we manufacture systems for reduction of vibrations and structure-borne noise. www.woelfel.de

Industrikomponenter AB, INKOM

INKOM together with ORGA NL and FREQCON GmbH deliver climate-safe solutions to the wind power industry with professional knowledge for cold climates. ESS system solutions and obstacle lights according to regional regulations and your unique requirements. Contact us at:www.inkom.se

Deutsche Windtechnik AB

Deutsche Windtechnik AB, provides complete maintenance, ranging from basic service agreement to individually tailored full-service agreements for wind turbines manufactured by Vestas, Enercon, Siemens, Gamesa, Senvionand Nordex in Sweden. The Deutsche Windtechnik group has around 8000 turbines totally in Europe, USA and Asia. The company operates both onshore and offshore.

EMD International A/S

EMD International A/S is a software and knowledge centre supplying companies and institutions worldwide with software, consultancy services, training and know-how within the fields of project design, planning, documentation and operation of environmentallyfriendly energy projects.


Vaisala provides 360-degree solutions to renewable energy companies around the world: proven and reliable WindCube lidarsuite, weather forecasting and historical data, lightning data solutions, and weather sensors and systems. We provide you with the actionable intelligence you need to maximize output, performance, profitability and safety at every project stage.


Phoenix Contact offers you innovative automation and connection technology for the equipment of your wind turbine or wind farm. Many products have been specially developed for the wind industry and impress with their exceptional robustness and clever functions. A user-friendly operation and a seamless interaction are a matter of course. At Winterwind 2024 we present you our "Blade Intelligence”. It is...

Mersen Nordic AB

MERSEN – A Global supplier to the Wind industry. Solutions for wind: Pitch sliprings & retrofits with and without de-icing – Power sliprings – Carbon brushes – brush holders – Grounding systems – Carbon dust extract systems – In situ machining – Fuses – Circuit breaker – Surge protection – With long experience in wind industry


DNV provides assurance to the entire energy value chain through its advisory, monitoring, verification, and certification services. As the world's leading resource of independent energy experts and technical advisors, the assurance provider helps industries and governments to navigate the transitions in the energy industry. DNV supports customers to transition faster to a deeply decarbonized energy-system.


At eologix-ping, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your wind turbines. Our advanced sensor systems are tailored to ensure your wind turbines operate at their best. With our cutting-edge technology, we detect issues like icing, blade damages, lightning strikesand even minor misalignments, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

ADIOS Technology

A next step in ice prevention systems for wind turbine blades with the patented ADIOS system. ADIOS Technology BV provides ice detection & prevention systems for new and existing wind turbines. ADIOS Technology is a subsidiary of Huikeshoven BV. A Dutch company that develops and supplies heating solutions since 1979.


Ramboll is a global leader in wind energy with more than 30 years of experience. We leverage our network of more than 700 wind experts to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that combine global perspective with local expertise. We offer a full range of services, covering the entire project life cycle.

Clobotics Wind Services

Clobotics Wind Services is the global market leader in onshore and offshore wind turbine blade inspections and maintenance. We deliver a full - scope service offering to operators and manufacturers with our groundbreaking technology. Our technology bundle is developed in - house and includes robotics, autonomous drones, cloud processing, web portals, apps and material technology.

Mt Konstruktion AB

Mast and Tower Construction, is the new distributor of CUE DEE windmasts and accessories. We supply complete measurement masts and also measurement booms, wires, foundations, nuts and bolts. We do mast calculation for customer mast relocations, on site mast inspections, damage assessments and used material inspections.

Linnovation AB

Linnovation is a Swedish technology company specializing in innovation and creative solutions for usage in cold climates. With a focus on research and development, Linnovation works with diverse range of industriesand companies, providing innovative heating products and solutions to help companies stay ahead in the ever-evolving market


Wicetecis the world-leading wind turbine blade heating technology provider. Our solution prevents ice formation on blade surfaces. This enables continuous turbine operation throughout the winter. Our patented technology is available for new turbines and retrofits with field proven lifetime of 25 years. Wicetec staff are highly skilled professionals with firm experience of wind power in cold...


AERONES is the leader in robotic wind turbine inspection and maintenance services. Using a unique patented robotic technology, crucial tasks are performed 3x -6x faster, with 10x less idle stay days than using conventional methods. Utilizing new technologies is critical to increasing wind energy`s efficiency and accessibility as the size and needs of wind assets grow. Aerones provides inspection cleaning, […]

SKF Sverige AB

SKF startade 1907 med en innovation som förändrade världen. Det handlar om att minska friktionen och få saker att rotera effektivare vilket ger våra kunder minskat underhåll på maskiner, förbättrad säkerhet, energibesparing och lägre kostnader. Tillsammans får vi världen att snurra mer effektivt. Vi kallar det ingenjörskonst

Hytorc Power Systems AB

Since 1968, HYTORC has been manufacturing torque equipment and has been trusted to deliver innovative technology to the majority of torque tool users worldwide. We stand for quality, safety and with focus on customer satisfaction. We create complete solutions with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque tools.


GP JOULE specialises in the technical and commercial management of wind farms and solar assets. Independent expert services are provided in technical operations management, condition monitoring, inspection and engineering to support investors, asset managers and operators in holistic operational life cycle and risk management.


Icetek presents innovative solutions for optimizing wind energy generation in cold climate. The IC-1 ice conditions monitoring system enables early detection of icing, empowering operators to optimize ice mitigation strategies and reduce loss of production. Icetek offers precise data analysis services to determine the actual payback of implemented strategies. More information at: icetek.ca

Bladecare AB

Maximise annual energy production and availability through reduced downtime, applying preventive maintenance of turbine blades with automated services. As an independent service provider, Bladecare offers preventive wind turbine blade maintenance services related to cleaning, inspections, and repairs, based on various automated technologies. We enable our customers to maximise annual energy production and availability through reduced downtime. Based close to Stockholm, […]


We supply our customers with reliable measurement technology products and -solutions for demanding environments. We have developed quality solutions since 1971, and serve customers within the Renewable Energy, Environment, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Offshore and Defence segments.

Mast- och tornunderhåll AB

Mast-och tornunderhåll Sverige AB* was established in 1993. We have been building wind measurement masts since 2006. Our ambition is always to solve our clients demands. We have employees and equipment’s to make the job done. Not the biggest company but we try to be the best. *Mast-and towermaintence Sweden AB

BorealisWind, FabricAir

The BorealisWind Ice Protection System (IPS) is a wind turbine blade heating system developed in Canada in 2016. This proven solution for cold climate wind farms is offered by FabricAir, a Danish HVAC company specializing in fabric ducting with 50 years of innovation in the industry.

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