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Just a few days left to Winterwind 2014. We’re a group of people working day and night right now to make this a great experience for you.

This year Winterwind will be held in a municipality where there are large investments into wind energy. In June, Mörtjärnsberget will open it’s first stage of development with a total of 37 turbines. The project is a joint venture between SCA, a Swedish hygiene and forest products company and Norwegian power company Statkraft.

We will meet at the top of the South Mountain in Sundsvall, in Hotel Södra Berget, currently one of the largest convention and conference hotels in the northern part of Sweden. From the hotel and convention hall we will have a striking view over Sundsvall and the surrounding area.

From being a small niche market, cold-climate projects today comprise 25 procent of the world wind market, according to consultancy BTM. It’s a development we have noticed in the growing number of participants at Winterwind and a escalating interest for wind energy in cold climate.

This year Recharge, one of the leading publications in the renewable energy sector, will cover Winterwind. Sweden’s largest tech magazine, Ny Teknik (New Technology), is also represented at the conference.

Andrew Garrad, President of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and one of the wind industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable profiles will hold one of the keynotes.

Other keynotes will be held by Sue Haupt, Director of the Weather Systems and Assessment Program of the Research Applications Laboratory of NCAR, Alberto Mendez, Vice President Wind Power at Vattenfall and Joe Beurskens, chair of The European Technology Platform for Wind Energy (TPWind)

Then, of course, it’s YOU!

Early on we decided to make Winterwind a special topic conference for professionals and researchers. Delegates keep coming back year after year, forming a community and sharing valuable knowledge with each other.

You are the driving force behind Winterwind. And we are very much looking forward to meet you over a fika (coffee and a little something) in the corridors, in between seminars, exhibitions and posters.

See you in Sundsvall!


Ulla Hedman Andrén
project leader
Winterwind 2014