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We are excited to soon spread the program of #Winterwind2022 – but first, we are very proud to present our dedicated program committee who’s working hard to put the program together; six experts from four different countries!

Göran Ronsten (SE)

Göran Ronsten holds a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. He’s carried out wind energy research for 20 years at the Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden (FFA) and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

In 2007 Göran started his own consulting company WindREN and has, among other tasks worked as wind project manager on behalf of the private developer OX2 until 2015.

He’s been the Swedish representative to IEA RD&D Wind, Task 19 – Wind Energy in Cold Climates since 2002-, the secretary and O&M manager of the Swedish Wind Energy Coop since 2003-, the chairman of Aapua Vind AB since 2004- and the program coordinator of Winterwind since 2008-.

Carla Ribeiro (PT/GB)

Carla Ribeiro is a senior manager and renewable energy expert with more than 16 years of experience in the wind industry. She initiated her career in renewables, as a wind energy analyst, in early 2005, having then moved to the UK in 2008 to join DNV (formerly Garrad Hassan).

Her expertise lies in wind resource assessment, meteorological site conditions assessment, and yield estimation, however she has been responsible for the management of teams offering a wider range of related analytical services. These include: operational assessments; performance monitoring; short-term day-ahead forecasting; digital twin; solar resource and yield assessments, among others.
From 2016 to 2019 she has been a part of the IEA Task 19 for the development of wind energy in cold climates, where she was a key element of the subtask for the development of Icing Protection Systems warranties.

In the second half of 2020, after a short period assisting Cubico Sustainable Investments with their renewable projects acquisitions, Carla joined Wood Thilsted to develop the energy and climate analytical capabilities of the company.

She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, and post-grad degrees in Climate Physics and Renewable Energy, all obtained with first class honours equivalent.

Sven-Erik Thor (SE)

Sven-Erik Thor works as consultant in mainly windpower projects. The activities are based on previous knowledge obtained during 30 years of windpower work in different positions, the last ten years at Vattenfall Windpower. At that time he was responsible for RD&D activities in Vattenfall.

When retiring from Vattenfall he started a company of his own. Now projects comprise everything from being an adviser to being involved in innovation projects.

Charles Godreau (CA)

As a specialist in assessing wind turbine performance in cold climates as well as icing detection/protection systems, Charles Godreau possesses strong skills in data analysis for operational turbines as well as for developing, planning and implementing research projects.

He has participated in a number of conferences and represents Canada in the International Energy Agency’s Task 19 working group on wind energy in cold climates.

In his free time, he enjoys white water canoe, splitboarding and improv theater.

Franziska Gerber (CH)

Franziska Gerber finished her master in Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zürich in 2013. She was always interested in snow and ice, which was part of her work throughout the years. Snow distributions and small-scale wind fields in complex terrain were the topic of her PhD at EPFL Lausanne and the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF (Davos). She continued her work at SLF Davos on blowing snow over Antarctica as a PostDoc.

In April 2021 she joined the wind and ice team at Meteotest AG, where she extended her horizon to icing of wind turbines.

When not at work she can be found on skis in winter, hiking or cycling in summer or chasing shuttles on the badminton court throughout the year.

Per Olofsson (SE)

Per Olofsson started his career in the IT & telecom sector in early 2000. Working with small and medium size enterprises, Per was recruited to Svevind as their CIO in 2008. Back then Svevind was a small company and its main focus was to find wind power sites to be permitted. Per’s job involved for example establishment of wind measurement masts at cold climate sites and that’s how Winterwind first came in to his mind. Having worked with Svevinds flagship project Markbygden 1101 Per gained knowledge of all steps in wind power projects from landowner agreements to construction and finally long term (cold climate) operation.

In the quest to optimize wind power production, Per had the opportunity to start and run Svevind Solutions, a subsidiary, which was Svevinds asset management company.

In 2019 he acquired Svevind Solutions together with a business partner and it’s today in operation as W3 Energy – an independent asset manager. W3 delivers Active Asset Management – a proactive approach towards operating wind farms  – including financial management, technical management, grid operation and IT services. Customers range from international investors, wind power manufacturers and utilities. Cold climate operation is W3 Energy’s speciality.

Per lives in a small village in northern Sweden, surrounded with forest and this year’s Winterwind is in his backyard you could say. In his spare time Per enjoys spending time with his family, preferably on skis or on a snowmobile. He loves the winter season.

The rest of the dedicated team behind Winterwind 2022:

Jakob Economou (Swedish Wind Power Association) – Coordinator and communicator

Jeanette Lindeblad (Wind Sweden/Chairwoman of the Board, Swedish Wind Power Association) – Project Client

Stina Renström (VidaNord) – Local Coordinator

Cecilia Henriksson (Adventura) – Professional Conference Organizer, PCO

Magnus Nordén – Sales