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Short biography: Since 15 years Mrs. Dr. Ute Bergmann is the head of the group “Corrosion and Surfaces” on the chair “Biomaterials” on the Institute of Material Science on the Technical University of Dresden/ Germany. Research topics of the group are surface functionalization, corrosion processes, material degradation, and insurance claims etc. Her group has worked on anti-icing solutions for surfaces for the last 15 years, where problems like coating development are just as much in focus as the development of characterization methods to analyze and rank their properties. Dr. Bergmann works in teaching and gives lectures on corrosion, surface treatment and material selection, and manages the laboratories of corrosion and icing of the Institute of Materials Science. Furthermore, Dr. Bergmann works voluntarily on the standards committee of „Coating Materials for Wind-Turbine Rotor Blades“ ISO/TC35/SC 9/WG 32. Before that, she worked at the Institute for Safety Research of the Research Center Dresden Rossendorf HZDR. Mrs. Bergmann studied materials science on the Technical University of Kiev and completed her engineering doctorate on the subject of the development of an in-situ method of crack propagation measurement on the Technical University of Dresden in 2001. She is a member of the German Society of Corrosion Protection and of the German Society of Materials Science.