Olivier Fortin-Moreau, Icetek, CA

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Short biography: With a decade of experience as a mechanical engineer, I spent eight years working on projects across various disciplines at Université Laval. During this period, I collaborated with several wind farms that were experiencing problems caused by meteorological icing. In 2020, I co-founded Icetek, a pioneering firm addressing challenges related to ice accumulation in wind farms. My expertise encompasses designing and installing measurement equipment, conducting fieldwork, performing indepth analyses of production data. My commitment to sustainable development is evident in my active involvement in the wind energy sector. This dedication underscores the crucial importance of adopting a global perspective when designing informed energy solutions. Beyond my professional activities, I am a fervent advocate of winter pursuits, particularly skiing. This personal enthusiasm not only brings me joy but also contributes to my nuanced understanding and appreciation of the subtleties inherent in cold weather conditions, providing valuable insights that complement my professional endeavors.