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Short biography: Mr. Andreas C. Espersen holds a master´s degree in Geoinformatics. He specialises in the wind power industry with specific focus on how technology can assist in driving down the cost of operating a wind farm. Mr. Espersen has extensive knowledge and experience in data gathering, data conversion, data mining and data quality control. He also has strong knowledge of working different data format, raster, vector, text data and combining different data sources. As a result of his extensive university studies and career within the utility sector, Mr. Espersen has obtained sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the complex aspects inherent in the industry, which enables him to turn both complex and non-complex business challenges into IT solutions. Mr. Espersen has expertise and experience with project management of both small- and larger projects. and data driven insights from fleet management of wind turbines. In 2016 Mr. Espersen co-founded Wind Power LAB ApS with the aim to develop an automated defect detection algorithm to help analyse and assess wind turbine blades. By
means of cloud computing and a defect detection algorithm, based on a global data set of wind turbine blades, Wind Power LAB is able to provide customers with a quick, automated and high precision analysis and assessment of wind turbines blades quality assured by a team of experienced and professional blade
specialists. Outside work, Mr. Espersen spends his time in the nature. A good vacation for Mr. Espersen is a trip to Norway or Sweden to wander the woods and mountains.