Recharge Will Cover Winterwind 2014

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Recharge, one of the leading publications in the renewable energy sector, will cover Winterwind in Sundsvall. Sweden’s largest tech magazine, Ny Teknik (New Technology), is also represented at the conference.

– We’re very happy to have a media partnership with Recharge and to welcome Susanna Baltscheffsky, editor-in-chief at Ny Teknik, as one of our chairs, says Winterwind’s project leader Ulla Hedman Andrén.

Recharge is an international business news website and monthly magazine covering the global renewable energy industry, particularly wind and solar power. Ny Teknik has almost 160 000 readers and is distributed to all union affiliated engineers in Sweden.

– From being a small niche market, cold-climate projects today make up 25 percent of the world wind market. That creates a growing interest from media, says Ulla Hedman Andrén.