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Call for applicants

“What if?” is an utterly important mind set for the future of wind energy.
20 years ago we asked ourselves: “What would be the consequences if electricity from wind turbines was cheaper than conventional energy?” Although innovation has made this dream come true at many locations, there’s still a whole lot of What ifs to raise. Who would have believed 20 years ago that offshore wind farms would be built using floating wind turbines?

At Winterwind we now invite you to ask COLD CLIMATE related What ifs, i.e. convey your dreams. If you don’t have all the solutions, or any solution at all, don’t worry, someone else eventually will. Please note: There’s no limit to how many What ifs you may submit.

Please present your dreams, ideas and solutions and participate in Winterwind 2018’s Open Innovation Contest.

The proposals will be evaluated by an extended program committee. The most promising contributions will be presented at the opening session of Winterwind 2018 where the attendees and a jury will have a vote. The winner will receive a diploma at a prize ceremony at conference, be presented at and in Tidningen Svensk Vindkraft, the largest trade magazine in Sweden on wind power.

Find the submission form here.

– Closes Dec 22, 2017 –

* Definition of Open innovation: “a distributed innovation process based on purposively managed knowledge flows across organizational boundaries, using pecuniary and non-pecuniary mechanisms in line with the organization’s business model”. (, 2017-11-23)