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We’re proud to announce Paul Gipe, Wind-works, US as one of the keynotes of #Winterwind2021!

Comparison of wind’s fatalities to that of other Industries

The capture and concentration of energy – in any form – is inherently dangerous. Wind energy exposes those who work with it to hazards similar to those in other industries. Of course, there are the hazards that, taken together, are unique to wind energy: high winds, heights, rotating machinery, and the large spinning mass of the wind turbine rotor. Wind energy’s hazards, like its appearance on the landscape, are readily apparent. Wind energy hides no latent killers, no black lung, for example. When wind kills, it does so directly and with gruesome effect. Unpleasant as this topic may be, it emphasizes the need to work safely—because your life and that of your colleagues quite literally depends on it. We’ll compare wind’s record with that of other sources of generation.

Paul Gipe is an…

…author, advocate, and analyst of the renewable energy industry. He has written extensively about the subject for the past four decades, receiving numerous awards for his efforts. Gipe also writes about his experience driving electric vehicles. He’s driven electric since 2014.

Gipe has lectured before groups from Patagonia to Puglia, from Tasmania to Toronto, and from Halifax to Husum. He has spoken to audiences as large as 10,000 and as small as a private presentation for Vice President Al Gore. Gipe is well known for his frank appraisal of the promise and pitfalls of wind energy, including his stinging critiques of Internet wonders and the hustlers and charlatans who promote them. He led the campaign to adapt electricity feed laws to the North American market—the same policy that has stirred a renewable energy revolution in Germany. His most recent book, Wind Energy for the Rest of Us, introduces Germany’s electricity rebels to a North American audience for the first time. The book, Gipe’s seventh on wind energy, debunks novel wind turbines, rebukes revisionist historians, and argues that renewable energy is too important to be left to electric utilities.

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Paul Gipe, Wind-works, US