Ikea invests a billion on the mountain

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Ikea has invested over SEK 1 billion in Glötesvålen, which is expected to produce 220 GWh/year. This is Ikea’s third investment in wind power in Sweden. OX2 planned and constructed all three projects.

It started with nine turbines on Korpfjället in Dalarna, Sweden, followed by seven turbines on Rämsberget, also in Dalarna, as well as the current 30 turbines on Glötesvålen in Härjedalen. All this in only a few years.

Jonas Carlehed, Ikea. Photo: Lars Anders Karlberg.

Jonas Carlehed, Ikea.

In total, Ikea’s three Swedish wind farms are expected to produce 360 GWh/year.

“Wind power is one of the steps in People & Planet Positive, our global sustainability strategy, that also gives us control of our energy costs. And if we can reduce costs, then we can also reduce our prices, which will benefit our customers,” says Jonas Carlehed, head of sustainability at Ikea.

The plan is for the Ikea group to be self-sufficient in electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

SEK 13 billion (EUR 1,5 billion) have been set aside for the period 2013–2015, and it is expected that the group will have reached 50 percept of the target next year.

“So far, we have undertaken to own 224 wind turbines globally, and we have already installed 700,000 solar cell panels in Ikea stores,” says Jonas Carlehed.

Photo: Lars Anders Karlberg.