Five Voices From Winterwind 2014

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What’s the most important you have learned at Winterwind 2014?

Antti Leskinen, CEO of APL Systems Inc.
Actually, last night we made up the guidelines for a new R&D-project, based on what we learned here. The atmospehere is very relaxed, and people are taking very openly about their work and problems. That has really surprised me. We’re actually practicing Open Innovation at this conference.

Gert-Olof Holst, CEO Eno Energy Sweden AB:
For us as suppliers it’s important to meet the larger companies and see how they think and plan. Also, I try to catch up on the current R&D. But of course, the networking is one of the most important things here.

Teresa Arlaban, Research and patent manager within the R&D department, Acciona Windpower:
There are still a lot of questions to answered, by all the players involved. It’s not just manufacturers of wind turbines that have to provide well functioning de-icing systems with warranties, but also wind farm developers and operators having to learn how to properly asess the losses they can prevent with de-icing systens. There’s a lot of work to be done together.

Stefan Olofsson, studying in Strömsund to become wind energy technician:
It’s been a very interesting conference. I never thought that ice was such a big problem in the business. That’s something I’m going to remember during the rest of my education. Also there’s been a really positive experience to meet so many and friendly people that you have been able to ask almost anything.

Gail Hutton, senior statiscian, RES Group:
The seminar by VTT about the ability to map ice was very interesting. It’s not enough to now how much ice you have, you also have to know HOW ice develops and the financial implications of that. I also very much enjoyed meeting other researchers doing similar work as me and chatting with academics.