Travel information

If you would like assistance booking climate-effective travel to/from the conference to be charged on the same invoice as your conference cost, Conference City Sundsvall will gladly be at your service. We offer full service IATA travel agent and can book, scheduled flights, trains, boats and more. 
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Sundsvall Central is located along the East Coast of Sweden and has a great network of connections.

  • X3000 operates Stockholm C along the coast (about 3 hrs and 20 hrs)
  • Nabotrain/center line operates Östersund and Trondheim
  • SJ night train services from Malmö and Gothenburg via Stockholm.

Sundsvall Central is located directly adjacent to the city center.

Sundsvall has a very good network of regular air traffic.

  • SAS operates from Arlanda (appr. 50 min)
  • Sundsvallsflyg flies from Bromma (appr. 50 min)
  • City Airline services Gothenburg (about 1 hour 5 minutes)
  • Direktflyg operates from Luleå (approx. 1 hour 10 minutes)

Transportation to and from the airport (Midlanda), located 21 km north of Sundsvall city, is best done with a taxi (about SEK 280 including VAT). If arriving by plane or train, please book book a plane or train taxi. (links) During the conference there will be transfer busses from major downtown hotels to Hotel South Mountain in the mornings and evenings. Here’s the timetable.

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