About the Conference

Every year scientists, engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners and O & M providers as well as representatives from government agencies from all over the world gather in Sweden to discuss the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates, i.e. low temperatures and icing conditions. Also student’s gathers to discuss current issues during Winterwind.

Last year more than 500 delegates from over 17 countries participated. This year we will have dozens of seminars with experienced speakers.

There will also be posters – presentations by companies, organisations and others, shown either on a A0-sida (paperposter) or as a series of slides on a screen (electronic poster). See the program for poster sessions, when the authors will be available by their posters to answer questions.

On the ground floor of the venue we will host an exhibition area, where you can sit down in the booths, explore products, have a chat with the exhibitor and learn more about their offers.

Apart from the seminars, posters, exhbitions and other events the informal networking is a great part of Winterwind. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the corridors with a collegue from another country or have a beer in the hotel bar with a new business associate