Presentations 2014

All presentations from Winterwind 2014.


Wind energy technology and politics, Andrew Garrad, DNV GL [270 downloads] Winter wind energy research at NCAR, Sue Haupt, NCAR [295 downloads] Industry cooperation necessary to release the opportunities in the north, Alberto Mendez, Vattenfall [213 downloads]


Developing icing production loss modules for wind power forecasting systems, Timo Karlsson, VTT [219 downloads] Experiences of modelling icing and uncertainty estimations, Esbjörn Olsson, SMHI [259 downloads] Validation of icing and power predictions for the O2 wind pilot program, Ben C Bernstein, Leading Edge Atmospherics [217 downloads]


Global cold climate wind energy market potential, Tomas Wallenius, VTT [355 downloads] Effects and possibilities based on a low price scenario with high volatility, Sten Lillenau, Neas Energy [127 downloads] Wind power icing atlas - tool for financial risk assessment, Ville Lehtomäki, VTT [208 downloads]


Assessing energy production gains in icing conditions when utilizing de-icing equipped wind turbines under different operational modes, Benjamin Martinez, Vattenfall [246 downloads] Mobile Remote Energy (MORE) – for heated wind measurement systems, Andreas Krenn, Energiewerkstatt [233 downloads] Anti-icing and de-icing of wind turbines blades using microwave technology, Kenth Johansson, SP [384 downloads]


Evaluation of field tests of different ice measurement methods for wind power, Helena Wickman, Vattenfall/Meventus [226 downloads] Retrofittable, autonomous and wireless icing and temperature monitoring on rotor blades for efficient anti- and de-icing, Michael J. Moser, Science Park Graz [257 downloads] Wind turbine icing weather and power forecast algorithm assessments in Scandinavia, Frank McDonough, Dendrite Weather Consultants [191 downloads]


Calculation tool for advanced simulations of turbine behavior at ice conditions, Hans Ganander, Teknikgruppen/Anders Wickström, Scandinavian Wind [210 downloads] Site ice classification – case studies and recommendations, Rebecka Klintström, Vattenfall/Meventus [208 downloads] Input to new IEC 61400-1 design standards from two case studies of iced turbine load analysis, Ville Lehtomäki, VTT [330 downloads] Risk of structural damage due to wind and icing – modeling extreme weather loads, Bjørn Egil Nygaard, Kjeller Vindteknikk [197 downloads]


Case study of LIDAR in cold climate and complex terrain in Canada, Cédric Arbez/Matthew Wadham-Gagnon, TechnoCentre éolien [229 downloads] Performance of Lidar in icing conditions – comparison to a 200 m met mast in complex terrain, Zouhair Khadiri Yazami, Fraunhofer IWES [216 downloads] Wind measurement in extreme conditions, Daniel Marmander, Natural Power [186 downloads]


Inter–comparison of icing, production loss models, Neil Davis, DTU Wind Energy [199 downloads] A study of turbine performance under cold weather driven stable atmospheric conditions in Scandinavia, Carla Ribeiro, DNV GL [277 downloads] Simple methodology to map and forecast icing for wind power, Ville Lehtomäki [213 downloads]


What is the point of caring birds and reindeer – we now know a lot more, Niklas Lindberg Alseryd and Marie Bergstén, Enetjärn Natur [162 downloads] Year round monitoring of low frequency noise in harsh climate Antti Leskinen, APL Systems Inc [173 downloads]


Wind-diesel project development in isolated grid communities of Alaska, Douglas Vaught, V3 Energy [290 downloads] Requirements for wind turbines in harbor areas, Kimmo Palmu, Hamburg Wasser [159 downloads] Operational forecasting of icing and wind power at cold climate sites, Øyvind Byrkjedal, Kjeller Vindteknikk [172 downloads]


SEU O&M experiences of wind turbines in cold climate – handling risk of ice throw, Thomas Mannelqvist, Skellefteå Underhåll [192 downloads] Suorva - A 600 kW cold climate research turbine – a journey from 1998 till today, Jan Norling, Vattenfall [173 downloads] TransAlta's Operational Experience with blade Icing, Jeff Nelson, TransAlta [219 downloads]


Risk of icefall in the international context, Andreas Krenn, Energiewerkstatt [197 downloads] Assessment of risks associated with ice throw and ice fall, Rolv Erlend Bredesen, Kjeller Vindteknikk [213 downloads] Validating an ice throw model - a collaborative approach, Gail Hutton, RES Group [184 downloads] ICETHROWER - Ice throw evaluation and risk analysis tools, Bengt Göransson, Pöyry SwedPower [183 downloads]


Real time line sag detection, Klaus Känsälä, VTT [187 downloads] A novel model approach to test de-icing strategies and de-icing efficiency, Staffan Söderberg, WeatherTech Scandinavia [188 downloads] Quantifications of energy losses caused by blade icing and the development of an energy loss climatology using scads data from Scandinavian wind farms, Staffan Lindahl, DNV GL [165 downloads]


De-icing performance warranties - a utility perspective, Daniel Gustafsson, Vattenfall [202 downloads] Performance of Enercon wind turbines under icing conditions in Europe, Rene Cattin, Meteotest [323 downloads] Siemens turbines in cold clime, Finn Daugaard Madsen, Siemens Wind Power [241 downloads] Vestas de-icing System, Brian Daugbjer Nielsen, Vestas [267 downloads] Summary of Winterwind 2014 and future directions, Jos Beurskens, SET [168 downloads]


De-Icing of wind turbine blades with an helicopter open up new opportunities, Hans Gedda, H Gedda Consulting [201 downloads] Development of an LES-LPT based numerical method for ice accretion simulation, Robert Szasz, Lund University [173 downloads] GreenWind Global de-icing system, Gernot Schenk, GreenWind Global [184 downloads]


Combitech – the partner for monitoring, Patrik Jonsson, Combitech [171 downloads] Monitoring icing events with remote cameras and image analysis, Dominic Boulduc/Matthew Wadham-Gagnon, Techno–Centre éolien [201 downloads]


Extreme cold start-up validation of wind turbine components by the use of a large climatic test chamber, Pieter Jan Jordaens, Sirris/OWI–Lab [297 downloads] Serious consequences due to excessive ice accumulation on a typical wind turbine, Abdel Salam Alsabagh, Narvik University [197 downloads] Structural performance of offshore wind turbine in ice-covered waters, Maria Tikanmäki, VTT [407 downloads] Cold climate rotor blade repairs using advanced UV curing resin system, Ville Karkkolainen, Bladefence [175 downloads] Commercialization of VTT's know-how in ice prevention of wind turbine blades, Esa Peltola/Petteri Antikainen, VTT [226 downloads] Developing ice detectors for wind turbines – outlook of requirements and improvements from 1990 till today, Jarkko Latonen, Labkotec [254 downloads]


A Remote Ice Detection System Suitable for Detecting Icing on Wind Turbines, Robert Gagnon, National Research Council of Canada [154 downloads]


Implementing a 3D CFD model to study the performance of porous fences under harsh climatic conditions, Yizhong Zu, Narvik University College [248 downloads]


A tool for the assessment of stochastic danger levels from ice ejected from wind turbine blades, Björn Montgomerie, Programografik [306 downloads] Ice-infested waters - challenges and possibilities for wind power, Daniel Bergström, Swedish Wind Power Association [206 downloads]


A parametric analysis of ice protection systems, Matthew Wadham-Gagnon, TechnoCentre éolien [198 downloads] Simulation and validation of the aerodynamic performance of iced wind turbine airfoils, Richard Hann, University of Stuttgart [146 downloads] Data driven production optimization from wind turbines, Jonas Corné, Greenbyte [161 downloads] Skills and training for the wind industry, Liselotte Aldén, Uppsala University [144 downloads] Comparison of Lidar and mast measurements in complex terrain with/without FCR and CFD correction, Martin Sigurd Grønsleth, Kjeller Vindteknikk [183 downloads]